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Happy Release Day, Darkness Above!

Happy Release Day! DARKNESS ABOVE is now available to purchase in print paperback and ebook! Click here to get your copy now →

If you pre-ordered the ebook, it should now be available to read on your device.

So pull up a comfy chair and have fun getting to know Jordan, Logan Junior, and the whole cast!


Her parents are legends, but they’re losing the war. Now, it’s her turn.

Jordan Korento spent her life training for the vampire war, but no one will give her a chance to prove she’s more than just a princess.

When Jordan learns of a twin brother who was sent to live in hostile territory, she takes destiny into her own hands, determined to save the sibling she never met and make her family whole.

Joined by her vampire ex-girlfriend who she still has feelings for—and the mysterious Sergeant who steals her breath with a single glance—Jordan embarks on a rescue mission to Bavaria, where nothing is what it seems. Will she find a kindred spirit in her twin or an enemy lying in wait?

Darkness Above (A Jordan Korento Novel 1) is an adrenaline-fueled urban fantasy full of dark magic and deadly creatures that are as sensual as they are bloodthirsty.

J.D. Brown’s vampire universe has captured the imaginations of millions of readers worldwide with The Ema Marx Series.

Darkness Above is the first book of the long-awaited spin-off series set in the same world.

If you’re new to J.D.’s books, Darkness Above is the perfect place to start. Get your copy today!




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