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New Cover Art For Ema!

Alternative Title: New Cover Art & An Overdue Update

Hello little book vamps. I know, I suck. No pun intended... (maybe).

I suck at remembering to update important things like ... MY WEBSITE and ... when was the last time I sent an email? Heck.

Hello, pandemic, will you please go f*k off now? *Sips coffee*

Anyway, getting serious now (because coffee)

I hope all of you - YES YOU - are being safe and healthy and are practicing self-care and self-love and self-compassion. Because holly hell, there's a pandemic!

But beside living in the twilight zone right - or perhaps in spit of it - I hope this quick update will bring a smile to your beautiful face.

I have been keeping busy over here in my little magical corner of the world. What have I been working on, you ask? Well, I have been rebranding the Ema Marx series of course!

In short, the Ema Marx series now has NEW COVER ART.

AND IT'S SO PRETTY! You can see for yourself HERE. (Though I'll probably add a picture or two to this post.)

Arel, the artist, did a fantastic job of bringing my vision to life. That woman is seriously the best!

A few people have asked why I decided to change the covers. Without getting too long-winded, I've always felt like the Ema covers were lacking. Before now, I didn't have the money or the knowledge to give the series the covers it deserved. Once I DID have those resources though ... *gestures to all the new pretties.* Seriously, the new art makes me so happy! And there are a few more artsy surprises still to come (aka new covers for the novellas and - *psst* - there may be a cover with Jesu hiding somewhere on my website/in the new books). The fun doesn't even end there. I am also currently in the middle of producing the audio edition of Dark Heirloom! It should be out on Audible some time in June 2020 with the rest of the series to follow.

I'm so excited for audio listeners to get to enjoy MJ Webb as Ema! That woman is KILLING IT in the studio! And I promise - cross my heart - to update everyone with links to the audio just as soon as I have them. But P.S. you might want to follow me on Facebook a.s.a.p. because that is where I will be giving out the limited free Audible codes. *wink wink* Okay, I gotta run. BE SAFE! WASH YOUR CLAWS! COVER YOUR SNOUT! Read books! Eat chocolate! Be kind! Repeat.



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