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Pre-Order The Warrioress

I'm so excited to announce The Warrioress is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Official release date is May 16, 2016. Reviewers are already raving on GoodReads and I couldn't be more thrilled and humbled by the kind words.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Xoxo!!

J.D. Brown

The Warrioress

Three-hundred years ago, a vampyre named Naamah caused the death of Maria’s father. Now Naamah is back, and he intends to finish off the werewolves. Maria will do anything to protect her pack, even if it means betraying her heart and marrying him. When a greater threat arises, Maria must set her bitterness aside and join forces with Naamah to save both their people. Can she trust him and still be true to herself, or will they undo each other before their enemy even reaches them? Naamah must lead his people to safety, but championing peace in the process is difficult for a vampyre that’s better apt with a sword. He needs a princess’s touch to heal his battle-stricken clan, but what he gets instead is a warrioress. If he can’t earn Maria’s trust and tame the wolf within her, they’ll lose everything. Set in 1100 B.C.E., The Warrioress is a prequel to The Ema Marx Series by J.D. Brown. The story chronicles the romance between Maria and Naamah during the very early trials of their immortal lives.

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