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Vote for Dark Becoming!

Dark Becoming is nominated for Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy Novel of 2015 in the 17th Annuel Preditors & Editors Readers Poll and I need your vote! Dark Heirloom, Dark Liaison, and Athena's Oracle have all placed in the Top 10 from 2012 to 2014, and now it's Dark Becoming's turn - but I can't do it without you. Make your voice heard. Vote here: **Don't forget to check your email for the confirmation link! You must click on the confirmation link for your vote to count.**

Last month, I asked you to vote for Dark Heirloom in the BTS eMagazine Red Carpet Book Awards. I've recently discovered that Dark Heirloom has been awarded an Honorable Mention as well as a shiny new Finalist badge! Thank you all so much for voting and making this possible. I truly appreciate it.

And finally, I hope you had a very Happy Holiday and will have a very wonderful New Year. My resolution for 2016 is to produce as many books as humanly possible for you to enjoy. Wishing you all the best, J.D. Brown

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