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Meet J.D. Brown at HallowRead 2015

What’s better than Halloween? How about all your favorite paranormal, dark fantasy, and horror authors together for one spooky meet & greet?

I’ll be among the featured authors at HallowRead Con 2015. Make sure to get your tickets before they sell out, then come hold my hand as we venture through the haunted ruins together. I can’t wait!

For my full list of tour dates, click here. I’m still adding/arranging events for 2016, so check back often to see when I’ll be in your city.

GIVEAWAY: There’s a giveaway pinned to the top of my Facebook page. The prize is all four ebooks in the Ema Marx series!

WRITING UPDATES: The first draft of Dark Ascension (An Ema Marx Novel 4) is complete and revisions will commence promptly. I apologize for the slow development, but my family and I are also moving this month, so packing has become the top priority for now. Please know that I am doing my best to get more Ema Marx in your hands as soon as possible, but that I won’t sacrifice quality for speed. :-)

READING UPDATES: I recently finished reading Trial by Fire by Margarita Gakis, a light novel about a woman with the power to set things on fire at will. She discovers she's a witch, and everyone wants a piece of her. Who can she trust? You can read the full review on GoodReads and join my new reading group, J.D.’s Bite Club.

I also just started reading a fairytale romance called Before Midnight by Jennifer Blackstream. What’s on your To-Read list? I’m always hunting for that next great adventure, so let me know.

That’s all for now.

Fangs & kisses,

J.D. Brown

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